Epoxy Injection Chemical Grout

If your concrete either needs to be repaired or waterproofed and excavation is not an option, we offer negative side epoxy injection. For repairs to concrete, an epoxy can be shot through holes in the wall, spreading out over the target area. Where waterproofing is called for, a waterproofing grout may be shot through holes drilled into the target structure, which then spreads out and gels upon contact with water to form a watertight barrier.

We have the expertise and experience to install the structural grout found under column base plates, precast concrete units, keyed joints between hollow core units, and cavities of various precast/structural connections. Allied Coatings offers a wide range of grouting services, including the application of chemical grout and epoxy injections used for sealing cracks and joints in poured-in-place concrete foundation walls, concrete piping, containment tanks, water basins, and tunnels. 

These grouts are pressure injected into the cracks or voids where they then chemically react with water to form a closed cell foam or gel. This foam or gel then acts as a watertight barrier, thereby sealing out unwanted water. Allied Coatings can even utilize these grouts to stop flowing water through joints and cracks.

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